This page is currently under construction! Check back soon for more pictures and stories!
Click here to see MOOSIE
Moosie grew up to be 4-5 lbs. His family sent so many pictures you can literally see him grow up! He now has a WHOLE page just for him. More pages of other past puppies comming soon!

Click here to see Wyatt. 
Wyat grew up to be a very tiny boy at only 2 -3 lbs. He is adorable to! I have lots of pictures of him because he also has a wonderful mother who spoils me with pictures and visits!

Look for Smidge, and Vinny's pages in the next few weeks!
Welcome to THE BOMB POMS Pomeranian Pictures of Past Puppies Page! Wow that was a mouth full! lol Here you cansee pics of Pomeranian puppies we have sold and placed over the years! Look at all those Happy Pom faces! 

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