Health Guarantee/Contract

     Thank you for choosing us for the purchase of your new puppy.  We are sure you will find your new puppy to be a wonderful addition to you and your family.

     Below you will find the conditions of sale and guarantee agreement for your new puppy.

Definitions used herein include:

"BUYER" shall herein be defined as_____________________________
"Breeder" shall herein be defined as ___________________________
"puppy" shall herein be defined as:_____________________________

This contract is for a Pet puppy, Bred by The Bomb Poms. This puppy's Color and Gender are:

Sires name:    ______________________________ 
Sires AKC # (Only to be filled out if selling with AKC papers)_____________________________________
Dame’s name:  ______________________________ 
Dams AKC #(Only to be filled out if selling with AKC papers)______________________________________

The Pomeranian described above is sold for the sum of $____________.  Payment to be made in full at the time of Pick up, or Date agreed upon by the Seller and Buyer.
  Date of: ______________ or pick up date of:_____________________________.

This puppy is defined here to be a "Bomb Poms" puppy which is in good health at the time of sale and embodies the characteristics of the Pomeranian breed.  This puppy is purebred and its parents are registered with the American Kennel Club.
This puppy is sold with (circle one)

Full AKC
Limited AKC

 The BREEDER guarantees the above described dog to be healthy at the time of the sale. This puppy had a vet exam on:_____________________ and was seen by the vet:_______________________________.

 The BUYER agrees to have this puppy examined by a veterinarian they trust within 48 hours of delivery/pick up.  If the vet finds the puppy to have a fatal congenital problem the puppy can be brought back for a ‘full refund'.  A veterinarians receipt and written diagnosis will be required for described return. The cash back/return policy is only good for 48 hours.  No cash refunds are given after the 48 hour period. It is the responsibility of the BUYER to get the PUPPY to the vet within stated 48 hours. After which time the BREEDER is not liable and no CASH refunds will be given for the puppy. If the BUYER does not see a Vet within 48 hours this 1 year contract will be void. So it is very important you follow up with your vet within the 48 hours and keep your recipts.

 If the puppy should die within the 48 hour period, a necropsy/autopsy must be done at the BUYERS expense and the original copy of the report must be given to the BREEDER.  It must be determined the death was caused by a genetic factor to receive the full cash refund or puppy replacement. Neglect and or accidental death is NOT the responsibility of the BREEDER and no refunds or puppy replacements will be given.

 The BREEDER does not assume any liability for any communicable diseases, injury, illness or death to the puppy after delivery/pick-up since the puppy has already had at least one set of vaccines/worming and it has been examined by a vet before pick up and it was found to be in healthy condition. The BREEDER will not be held liable for any VET BILLS after the puppy has left the BREEDERS home. All vet bills will be the responsibility of the BUYER.

If this puppy should die of a genetic fatal defect within its first year of life, the puppy will be replaced as soon as another litter is available. No cash refund will be given after the 48 hours. The replacement puppy will be chosen by the breeder and will be of equal value, color, gender and approx size as the original puppy purchased. Proof by means of autopsy/necropsy, the paper work stating the findings, and receipts from the Vet who diagnosed this genetic abnormality, MUST be supplied to the BREEDER by the BUYER, before any replacement agreement will be made. This guarantee will cover ONLY FATAL loss of life that is caused by a fatally genetic factor for up to 1 year of the puppy’s life. This doesn’t cover things that happen to your puppy in your home that cause injury or death, illness, or such things that are inherited genetically or things that are NOT fatal such as, but not limited to, hypoglycemia, Giardia, hernia, hip dysphasia, luxating patella, open fontanel, Coccidiosis, BSD, Tracea issues, retained teeth, communicable diseases (such as Parvo ect), Thyroid conditions, heart murmur, epilepsy, personality disorders, temperament or other such things ect.

If the puppy was shipped and a refund or replacement puppy is required, the BUYER is responsible for all shipping costs. Shipping costs will NOT be refunded or paid for by the BREEDER for a replacement puppy.

The BREEDER has given all appropriate shots/worming for the PUPPY'S age have been given, and a record of this vaccination/worming history will be supplied upon pick up/delivery of the puppy.

The BUYER agrees to maintain the puppy's health in good condition, and provide quality food, clean water, clean living conditions, and LOTS of affection, vaccinations, worming, and veterinary care to assure good health. The BUYER agrees not to abuse or neglect this puppy in any way.

The BREEDER is not liable for illnesses caused by not keeping puppy vaccinations current to date.  This is VERY important to insure good health to the puppy. The BREEDER is not liable for the health of your puppy or any bills incurred to maintain the health of your puppy after the puppy leaves the BREEDERS home and is picked up by the BUYER.  IT is recommended by this BREEDER that the puppy not be taken out in public until the puppy has had its full series of protective vaccinations. It is advised to talk this over with your vet. 

The BREEDER has done everything possible to produce healthy , sound, social, and happy puppies by breeding only sound, healthy, socialized, friendly adults; and by raising the puppies in the best way possible in regards to diet, exercise, clean housing, vaccination/worming schedules, socializations and veterinary care. The BREEDER does not give any guarantees or warrantees on Adult size of the puppy, Adult Traits of the puppy that includes Color, fur type, facial type, personality, trainability, or exact overall appearance of the puppy as an adult. 

There are many factors that can influence growth and development of the PUPPY, such as diet, exercise, and environment (clean or dirty?), early nurturing and proper attention, training, and handling, housing, and attitude in care etc.  The BUYER assumes the responsibility to carry on with the appropriate vaccinations, exercise and feeding schedule, and training as recommended by the BREEDER.  

One of the most important things for the first 3 months after purchase, the BUYER has to remember, is the feeding schedule to prevent hypoglycemia and to maintain a current vaccine schedule.  The BREEDER can offer no further guarantees once the care of the puppy is not longer under their control. It is recommended by the BREEDER food and water be out for the puppy at all times.

The BUYER agrees that neither he/she nor the BUYER'S estate/executors may sell this PUPPY or transfer ownership of this PUPPY. The BUYER hereby agrees that if at any time the BUYER cannot take proper care of the puppy or no longer wants to own the puppy/dog for any reason, the BUYER must contact the BREEDER and the BREEDER will  take the puppy back and no refunds given. This is done so that this PUPPY does not end up in a SHELTER of any kind or in the wrong hands.  I love my dogs, and I will ALWAYS take them back at any age.

The BREEDER also has the right to take the puppy back if they feel it is being neglected or abused with no refunds given.

The BUYER agrees to notify the BREEDER of any changes of address and email address during the PUPPY'S lifetime.

The BUYER agrees to provide a suitable safe, escape free, fenced area for this PUPPY and an identification tag or micro chip.  Again this will help keep the puppy out of any SHELTER and keep it safe.

The BREEDER neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, other than stated within this contract.  This document constitutes the entire agreement between the BREEDER and BUYER with respect to this sale.  The BUYER'S signature below indicates that he/she has read, agrees and does understand all the conditions of the Sales Agreement and Contract of Sale.

I care very deeply for my dogs.  I strive to provide all my pets with a loving, clean, and happy environment with proper care, management, and attention given to each one.  Our pets are members of our family.  They are not numbers, or money makers, but our loved pets.  We breed on occasion and raise our puppies with the same love and care.  The puppies are always indoors and held from day one and we get very attached to them.  They get wormed and vaccinated on schedule as recommended by our vet.  
    I want our puppies to go to loving homes only who will care for them properly and give them not only love but a clean and happy environment where they will get all their vaccinations, good clean food, water, and housing.  This is why I make it part of the contract for the puppy to come back to me if the puppy is no longer able to be kept for whatever reasons.  It is easy for me to place the puppy in another home or keep it here.  I do not want any of my puppies to ever have to know the horrors of a shelter or suffer any forms of neglect. So please, when you sign my contract, be sure to honor it.  I will take a puppy back at any age for any reason.  Thank you so much for reading this contract.  I hope you can understand why it is written the way it is.  I hope you will love your puppy as much as we do. ;o)

BUYERS FULL NAME (printed):__________________________________
BUYERS SIGNATURE:_______________________________________
PHONE #:_________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS:__________________________

BREEDERS SIGNATURE:_________________________________


Prior to picking up a puppy you can save time if you read this ALL BEFORE comming to pick up your puppy. When you come, I will go over this contract with you, and we both will sign it. If you read it now, and have any questions, please ask before you come out, so that you feel comfortable signing. If you are having a puppy shipped, this contract needs to be printed and signed and sent to me with payment. 
Thank you!