This is D'Niro.  His Bloodlines include "CH Finches He walks on Water." RIP Dniro. He is sire to Yetti and Moxxi. I loved this boy with all my heart! 
The Girls
This is Bessy. She is a pretty white girl . She is very sweet, yet one of our Boss girls here. She is smart and LOVES being a mama. She loves her babies so much and watches over them, plays with them, and is just such a sweet natured girl! We love her! <3 She is 8lbs.
Nothing beats a nice warm day playing outside with the dogs!!. :D
Above is a video is Bird and Moxii playing in our yard.  We get lots of visitors in the yard! The poms love to play with the visitors! Good times! Love this video! Hope you do to!
This is Little Leeto. He is a little show man and he knows it. He has all the exceptional features - Short cobby body, short little muzzle, happy expression, good ear placement, nice tail set, good movement, and nice sound straight legs. Oh how I LOVE this boy! Not only is he just Gorgeous, but he is such a character and charmer to! This guy will have us all laughing at his antics. This boy travels like a champ and just thrives on new adventures and loves everyone! He is 4 1/2-5 lbs depending 
The Boys
Lil Leeto
This is Uno our white boy. He has a HUGE coat and a very calm, easy going, sweet personality. He is so gentle with everyone, including the other dogs here and even energetic puppies! lol He just loves everyone he meets.  He is out of Moxii and Kelso (both retired). Love this boy! He is 7lbs.
This is Breezy. Oh this girl is 100% personality! She is a riot! sShe is so sweet, and yet a little mischievous too! But in the best way! hahaha In the video you can see the slipper she STOLE and is so delighted with!  When they are this cute how can you be mad?? lol She passes on this feisty fun personality to her puppies. Also, Breezy smiles! One of my FAV things about her! She is 6-7 lbs.
Meet Our Dogs

This is Kelso. He was one of my FAV boys. I miss him so much and my heart aches that we had to say goodbye.  He is gone but not forgotten. Love you Kelso! <3 
This is our sweet boy Tobias. He is our sweet, kind, gentle, and easy going boy.  He has that cute little face, and a nice thick coat. We just love him! He is 6lbs.