Meet Our Dogs 
This page may take time to load, but its worth it! Here you can see our dogs we have in our breeding program. 
This is D'Niro. He was white as a puppy but is not a light cream color. He has a very MASSIVE HUGE triple coat that when in fully flows like a waterfall. It is so pretty. He also has a darling babydoll face with a short little muzzle. He has the sweetest most docile personality. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, yet he is still TOP dog here. He rules our yard with a gentle mannor and he is producing some of our most Goregeous puppies. We love D'Niro, it is hard not to. He wieghs 6 lbs, but most of it is fur! His Bloodlines include "CH Finches He walks on Water."
The Boys
The Girls
This is Moxi. I can never seem to get a good picture of Moxii. She hates her pic being taken. You can see her better in the video. She is out of coat in the video, but you an see how happy she is and how we let our poms have a great life! Her favorite thing is chasing the wildlife we have in the yard! lol We have alot of wildlife who visit as you can see in the video.  She was born here and one of Dniro's daughters.  She has a very thick coat and is a very white. She has a beautiful face with a nice thick short muzzle, and rounded features. She has small rounded ears, and a happy expression. She is about 5 lbs. When you hold Moxi she literally MELTS into your chest and pushes back up against you. She LOVES to be held and will follow me around crying til I pick her up! She is our little Lap baby. She is very content to just sit and be loved in your lap. She also travels well, as we take her just about everywhere with us. She insists. :D
This little guy is named Kelso. He is our white stud. He is 4 1/2 lbs with a very long full beautiful coat. You can see him ungroomed above, his coat blowing in the wind. haha His grandfather is Aljens Gucci. He is prodicing nice whites for us. This little guy is a real character. He is super friendly, happy, and just has so much personality! He is also super super smart. He has great problem solving skills..AKA-escape artist. lol He teaches himeslf how to do many little tasks around her, and so we have to keep a close ey on him! haha But it only shows how clever he is. He passes that onto his puppies as well. We love our little man Kelso! Below are a few more pics of him. Just click on a picture to see it larger.  We love him, and most of our babies are out of himas he is currently the ONLY stud we are using in our breeding program at this time. :D
This little guy is named UNO. He is Kelsos and Moxii's son. He may be our future stud. He is ice white, has a huge coat, and cute little face with that great DARK pigment. :D We may have a litter form him in 2017. 
This is Yetti. She is also out of Dniro. She is very ice white. She looks very much like a little artic wolf. We just love her. She is a very playful girl who loves to walk on two legs like a human. She does this all the time, especially when she wants your attention. She LOVES toys, and her fav thing to do is play fetch. She will litterally throw toys for herself to go chase. She is smart, and always keeping us entertianed! She is 10lbs. Bigger then we usually keep, but since she is out of Dniro, we know she will be a great asset to our breeding program. 
Nothing beats a nice warm day playing outside with the dogs!!. :D