Meet Our Dogs 
This page may take time to load, but its worth it! Here you can see our dogs we have in our breeding program. 
This is D'Niro.  His Bloodlines include "CH Finches He walks on Water." RIP Dniro. He is sire to Yetti and Moxxi. I loved this boy with all my heart! 
The Boys
The Girls
This is Daja. She is our little girl out of Kelso and Moxii. She is small, just 5lbs.  I love this little girl! She is just GORGEOUS! She has a nice full pretty coat and a sweet little Teddy Bear/Baby Doll face. :D She is super smart! She can escape out of almost anywhere! She is a happy affectionate little sweetheart! We love her!!!
This little guy is named Kelso. He is 4 1/2 lbs with a very long full beautiful coat. You can see him ungroomed above, his coat blowing in the wind. haha He has the shortest most coby little body too! Just love our Kelso! His grandfather is Aljens Gucci. He is prodicing nice whites for us. This little guy is a real character. He is super friendly, happy, and just has so much personality! He is also super super smart. He has great problem solving skills..AKA-escape artist. lol He teaches himeslf how to do many little tasks around here, and so we have to keep a close ey on him! haha But it only shows how clever he is. He passes that onto his puppies as well. We love our little man Kelso! Below are a few more pics of him. Just click on a picture to see it larger.  We love him, and most of our babies are out of him. He is currently RETIRED from our breeding program. But we have his daughters to help carry on his line! 
This little guy is named UNO. He is Kelsos and Moxii's son. He may be our future stud. He is ice white, has a huge coat, and cute little face with that great DARK pigment. :D We may have a litter form him in 2017. 
This is Yetti. She is also out of Dniro. She is very ice white. She looks very much like a little artic wolf. We just love her. She is a very playful girl who loves to walk on two legs like a human. She does this all the time, especially when she wants your attention. She LOVES toys, and her fav thing to do is play fetch. She will litterally throw toys for herself to go chase. She is smart, and always keeping us entertianed! She is 10lbs. Bigger then we usually keep, but since she is out of Dniro, we know she will be a great asset to our breeding program. 
Nothing beats a nice warm day playing outside with the dogs!!. :D
This little guy is named Leeto. He is an amazing 4 lb little guy! He has a nice short body and a HUGE coat! He always looks like he is smiling, and happy! This guy is a bundle of joyful energy! He LOVES to play, and run! He greats everyday as a new adventure! He travels like a champ, and doesn't mind being in his stroller when we take him out! He is out of nice white lines and some pretty show lines too! We just love him and look forward to his puppies! 
Above is a video is Bird and Moxii playing in our yard.  We get lots of visitors in the yard! The poms love to play with the visitors! Good times! Love this video! Hope you do to!