What Color is that Pomeranian puppy going to be??
What is that puppy going to look like as an adult??
Pomeranians change colors as they grow. Here are some examples. Here you can see the Poms GROW UP and see the colors progress! This page was just started. 
This color is the most common of all Pomeranian colors and is often called "Brown" by many. As a puppy, this color can look "Brownish". This color is usually born a very dark brownish color with heavy dark black markings on the saddle, legs, ear tips, and nose area. There are many variations of Orange, and Orange Sable. It never stops amazing me the variations I see. Here are a few examples of my own puppies. These pictures would not be possible without the kind and generous new owners who make me smile with every update and new pictures they send me!
Below are pictures of a litter that Britta had. You can see that Britta is a nice crisp orange as an adult. There is no Black in her fur at all. But she started out looking alot like her puppies pictured with lots of Black on the fur as if they rolled around in soot. The orange Sable and Oranges almost always start out looking like these pictured below. As they grow the black is replaced by orange and or cream colors. Some however will retain the beautiful black mask, and keep much of the black "ticking" throughput the coat on especially in the saddle area (back). Some who may look orange as a puppy however may turn out to be instead, a red, cream sable or wolf sable as you will see in the following pages. (to come, I am working hard on this page please keep coming back to see my progress!)

First to be shown is Nova. She is out of the litter seen here with Britta and her father is Luey. She is the one pictured on top of Britta. :D Below you can see her grow, and see how the BROWN changes into orange and how most of the Black turns to cream.You can also see the different coat textures, and changes her body goes through. I always love to see the dogs "Grow Before my Eyes" I hope you do to! 
This page was last updated: July 22, 2020
This is SMIDGE. He was one of our MIRACLE puppies. He was bottle fed and had a rough start to life. But you wouldn't guess that, now! GORGEOUS! He is also out of Britta. Notice the black ticking (sooty color) in the fur as a puppy. Notice the sparse coat as a puppy. But then look at him now as a 3 year old adult. No black and a HUGE MASSIVE coat! Remember the coat can change and Morph for years!
Above you got to see Nova Grow to a year old. She is not in full coat, but hopefully I will get some updated pictures soon and I will add them when I do! Notice how little black she now has in her fur. Most of it has been replaced by a beautiful cream color. 
This is AlJens Lil Luey.  (Thank you Al again for my little guy!) He is a sparse 2 1/2 lbs boy. Here is just another example of the puppy fur with black ticking, compared to the adult coat with nearly no black in it at all. What a difference!
Milli @ 4 wks old
Milli @ 5 wks old
Milli @ 8 wks old
Milli @ 1 yr old. Her adult coat just comming in.
Milli @ 1 1/2 years old. Look how much longer her coat is. All black is gone.
Milli @ 2 years old. Her coat has filled in, and "Poofed" out big and Gorgeous!.
Below are a few examples of Orange sables I found on google. These are NOT my dogs or my pictures. I am just posting them from google to show you some Oranges that have kept some of the black color.