The Bomb Poms

The Bomb Poms

Pomeranian FUR....The Naked Truth!~
Pomeranian FUR Facts!
   Pomeranians are know for their beautiful full coats. When they're puppies they are cute little FLUFF balls! But there are times when a Pomeranian does NOT LOOK like a Pomeranian at all! The poor little thing just might look downright ugly! Hence the name "Puppy Ugliest" or the "Ugly duckling" stage. But don't worry, your Pomeranian puppy WILL turn into a LOVELY swan again!
   A few times in a Pomeranians life they may look bald, or their hair may come out in chunks, their hair may thin, or shed in excess, and it might scare you. Most people don't like to see their dog looking bad!        You might think "does my Pomeranian have mites?" "Is my Pomeranian going bald?" "Did I buy a purebred?"
    Read on to understand how things work with Pomeranians and learn the different stages of Pomeranian fur...The Naked Truth~Some Pomeranian Fur Facts!

Puppy Uglies

   This is the first stage you will notice shortly after brining your lovely FLUFFY Pomeranian puppy home. Your puppy will have a nice thick, poofy looking coat. Then at approx 4-6 months your pom will suddenly seem to look like some poorly bred Pomeranian experiment. You might even wonder if the dog is a pure bred? You might think it is ill, or has mites ect. The nose will suddenly look longer. The body will look longer and skinnier too. Even the tail may look long and skinny curled up on the back. Don't panic, this is normal! 
   What happens is the puppy fur stops growing. Then adult hair starts to come in. In the transition, the dog looses the puppy hair and looks bald. The new adult hair grows in slow.  So for a few months it looks like you brought home some kind of rat/possum/fox looking critter, not a purebred Pomeranian.
At approx 6-9 months of age, the adult coat will be visibly thicker. At approx 9-12 months your little one will start looking like a Pomeranian again and the coat will start to fluff up.  There are no set times for this. Some puppies start to lose the hair at 4 month mark, some at 7-8 months. Some grow the adult coat in and are full by the 1 year mark, some later. But by the age of 2 years old, most Pomeranians look amazing, with their full, thick, Pomeranian adult coats.
Milli very Cute @ 5 weeks
Cute @ 6 weeks
Cute @ 7 weeks
Not so cute at 5 months where is the hair?
Very little hair at 6 months
Gorgeous again at 2 years old! HUGE thick coat!
Moosie at 3 months old with a HUGE coat!
Moosie at 7 months old
with very little coat, nose looks longer. You might wonder, Is this the same dog? Is this a pure bred? Yes it is! 
Moosie at 2 years old. Very HUGE coat! His nose now looks very short and it is! He grew into it! His coat is a nice triple coat!
Summer Molt

Summer can get very hot. A Pomeranians body knows how to get ready for summer. They will blow their coat for summer, or another term used is molting or molt. Many pomeranians will molt either their undercoat, or some will molt out their entire coat for the summer. It usually starts with large clumps of hair showing up at the ends of the fur. As you pull these out, or your dog does, the fur gets thinner. Some dogs will look bald during this time. Some will simply lose the undercoat and the coat looks deflated. Regular combing of the coat will help the fur not to mat or clump and it will help speed up the process.  Females tend to lose more of their coat than males. House dogs may not go through this at all. All dogs are individuals just as people are so there may be many variations of this. However this can happen to any and all Pomeranians. Don't worry about it, the coat WILL grow back!
For more info on PUPPY UGLIES CLICK HERE! 
Mothers Weaning Molt

   "Do mother Pomeranians really lose their fur after they wean their babies? That is what the breeder told me when I came out to see the puppies. The mother was so ugly! She didn't even look like a purebred. Is this true? That Mothers actually lose their fur? Or was this a lie to cover up the mother being a mix breed or sick?"

I have been asked this many times. I have also been on the flip side, and been the breeder who has to show the mother of the puppies when she looks her WORST! But the answer is YES, Mother pomeranians do lose their coat after they wean their puppies. This is called "Mothers Weaning Molt". Or as I have re named it "Mommy Uglies". lol

   Just when the puppies are about ready to go home, and people are comming to pick up their new fluffy lifetime companiaons, the mother starts to shed out her coat, or ''Blow" the coat. The result is a balding, or very short haired looking mother. This is normal. So believe the breeder if they tell you this when you see the ugly looking mother. You might wonder if she is a purebred. Its very sad. Most breeders though have pictures of mother on the website for you to view and compare the the Ugly version you may see in person. Keep they pretty picture in mind. Try not to judge the mother to harshly, its not her fault! lol The hair will grow back. 

~~This page is still under construction. I am working on getting pictures of my mothers in the "Ugly stage" and the "Summer Molt stages". ~~


The Bomb Poms

Pomeranian FUR....The Naked Truth!~
Pomeranian FUR Facts!