Pomeranian puppies for sale in Texas near Austin or San Antonio and Southern CA pomeranian puppies for sale
Pomeranian Puppies for sale 
Pomeranian Puppies for sale 
Texas Pomeranian Breeder of Quality Pomeranian Puppies for sale. We Specalize in White pomeranian puppies, but also raise Orange, Cream, Sables, Balck and Parti colored Poms. 

Below are our examples of whites we have produced here to give you an idea what our newborns will grow up to look like. All puppies below are related to our newest litters.
You can see some of our puppies in the above video, AND one video of a couple of our poms enjoying a peaceful day out in our front yard. The white adult, is Moxii, she is the mother of most of our white puppies pictures in our past puppies above. I hope you enjoy just a few of our videos. Want to see more?  If you have ANY questions please fee free to EMAIL ME. :D Puppies should be here in a couple months! CLICK HERE for my youtube channel. 
This is another friend located in CALIFORNIA. This is my close personal friend. Have a look at her site!
Thank you for taking the time to view our site and for showing an interest in our puppies. I am currently experiencing difficulties with my cell service. So if you call and do not get a reply in a couple days I may not have received your call. Please email me instead. Emails are currently the best way to contact me. Thank you!

To protect my puppies, and place them in PET HOMES only, prices listed are for 
"Pets ONLY" No AKC papers.
 I have many reasons why I do this. To see why CLICK HERE.

 We will NOT hold a puppy without a Deposit
Emailing me your intent to make a deposit or having an appt, will not HOLD a puppy. 

When inquiring about our puppies 
please include a little about yourselves and what your looking for.
 Please no one line emails.  
 Please see our list of questions below.

Have you owned a dog before? Or currently? If so how many and what breeds?
Do you live alone, with family, and are their children in the home? If so how many? Ages?
Do you own other pets? If so, please list them and tell us a bit about them.
How long will your puppy be left home alone during the day?
What made you decide on a Pomeranian?
Have you ever had to rehome a pet or bring one to a shelter?
How do you plan to potty train your puppy? 
How long do you think Potty Training takes?

BELOW are all examples of pomeranians we have raised here. They are allin their forever homes and not for sale. The pictures below are to show you the color and quality of our babies!! 

 Unlike many other sites our pictures are not 'whited out' to make our puppies look more white. Others edit edit their pics to 'lighten' their whites. We don't like to be dishonest that way so all pictures are in Natrual light just the way we took them. :D Notice  how crisp and bright the other colors in the pitcure are? No edits here!
We take great pride in our little fur babies. We only get a select few litters a year. If you want one, you might have to wait, but I promise they are worth it!
 Feel free to email me! If you are wanting whites ,See our FB PAGE for more frequent updates and weekly POM TIPS for any and all POM owners. I enjoy keeping that page updated and current. Thanks so much! 
Pomeranian puppies 
From our caring hands 
to Yours
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Please note I try hard to reply asap! But if I do not email you right back your note may have gone to my spam box and I may not see it. Feel free to resend with a new title in the subject bar....

Also we have a new baby in the house, so I may miss your call. If that happens feel free to text or email me. :D 
The Little boy in the video is for refference. He is GORGEOUS and Super Smart! He learned things almost the first time he was shown! We work with our babies, and our babies are SMART!
 EMAIL ME  if interested. 
Call me 760-985-5735
Email me at thebombpoms@msn.com
Below are puppies from our past litters so you can see how adorable our babies are and see if we have what your looking for. Below are also some videoes to show you how we raise them. 
 EMAIL ME  if interested. 
Call me 760-985-5735
Email me at thebombpoms@msn.com
 EMAIL ME  if interested. 
Call me 760-985-5735
Email me at thebombpoms@msn.com

**updated 8-9--2020***
Look how much fun they are having! The one running with the bone in his mouth is Mickey. He is sitll available~The one who does a little flip is Teddy. He is  also available!
This boy is looking for his forever home. He looks like a little Bear Cub! Look at that sweet face! He has a super thick dense coat. That is very promising for his adult coat to be super thick and fluffy! He is nearly solid black but has a tiny bit of white on chin and chest. He is super friendly, tail wagging, and easy going. Such a sweetie! 
Email me for more info!
Parents are Breezy and Tobias
This is Mickey! Oh what a doll baby! IF you want a little one to litterally WORSHIP the ground you walk on, this is your guy! He is playful, outgoing, and will entertain you with his cuteness! He loves being held, and carried around! He is available now! 
Email me for more info!
Parents are Breezy and Tobias
The little black one playing Tug o War is Mickey. He is available. 
The little black  boys playing Tog o War are both available. That is Mickey and Teddy having a great time! Teddy does a cute little dance at the end! 
Watch these HAPPY little puppies playing! They have so much fun running around, exporing, playing tug o war, and getting attention!