Puppy Mills

  • Mass produce puppies for profit (often selling thouasands each year)
  • Pushy to make a sale when contacted
  • Breed many breeds
  • Offer no health care to adults/pups
  • Lack adequate housing
  • Lack adequate nutrition
  • Do not vaccinate puppies
  • Do not vaccinate adults
  • Inbreed to the point of deformities
  • Breed deformed or ill dogs
  • Are often USDA licensed
  • Sell quantity not quality
  • have to regard for the lives in their care
  • Knowingly sell sick puppies to the public/pet stores
  • Sells puppies before the age of 8 weeks old
  • All dogs sold "as is"
  • Will NOT take puppy back
  • They tend to be very pushy to get you to buy. Most lie to make a fast sale.

Back Yard Breeder

  • Breeds any two dogs together (not always the same breed)
  • Does not vaccinate adults or puppies
  • Does not offer adequate housing for adults or pups
  • Does not have pups seen by a vet
  • Sells puppies at to young of an age
  • May breed more then one breed
  • Knows little about the breed they raise
  • Will not take puppies back
  • All dogs sold 'as is'
  • Has no long term goals

Some of these breeders are just a family rehoming an accidental litter. Not all are bad or neglectful. The ones who repeatedly produce puppies though, without vet care or proper husbandry, are the ones that need to be educated and or stopped.

Responsible Breeder

  • Starts with healthy vet checked vaccinated adults
  • Adults and puppies are kept current on vaccines/worming/antiprasite and records are kept
  • All dogs receive quality food
  • All dogs receive Vet care when needed and as a proactive measure to keep dogs healthy
  • Is educated about the breed they raise and tries to educate others
  • All adults are socialized and well cared for. Clean and friendly.
  • Housing and husbandry is top priority
  • Never sells a puppy under 8 weeks
  • All puppies are vet checked
  • Offers guarantee
  • Willing to take a puppy/dog back to keep all dogs they produce out of shelters
  • Often offers rescue services in the breed they raise
  • Is not pushy and is easy to talk to

What to expect from a Quality breeder:

  • To be honest, even if it means losing a sale
  • To ask you questions about the home you offer
  • Breeds ethically to better the breed
  • To have healthy adults and offer healthy puppies for sale
  • to have all puppies up to date in vaccines/worming and antiparasite preventives
  • To be caring to all of those in their care

What NOT to expect:
  •  100% perfection
  • to have ESP when predicting size, temperament or confirmation
  • To sell to anyone
  • False claims such as  TEACUPS for sale...
  • Them to be perfect or breed perfection, however this should be their goal!

   Finding a good breeder can be difficult! But I am glad your thinking it can be done! I am so happy you have overcome so much media brainwashing and understand its ok to shop! Its ok to educate yourself, and find a GOOD, RESPONSIBLE BREEDER! They DO EXIST!
     Sadly due to Media, Internet, and AR movements, The term 'Breeder' has become a profanity. It seems to be synonymous to the word PUPPY MILL, HOARDER, SELFISH, HEARTLESS, and GREEDY animal abuser . People tend to fly at the speed of light to the wrong conclusions these days. Visions of Matted, Starved dogs crammed into tiny kennels and cages have graced Social Medias, Tv screens, PC Monitors, Internet pages, News Feeds, and Videos in every home. People hear the word BREEDER, and run to grab their proverbial pitch forks, to ready themselves for the mental and verbal attack, on the offending individual who has admittedly to being such a Selfish monster.  
     There are few people who have not been affected by the AR campaign, "adopt don't shop." Currently, society likes to shame people for wanting a purebred. They are Shamed for wanting a dog with a certain look, temperament, work ability, and predictability, that years of selective breeding have achieved to become our AKC Standard of Breeds. Honestly, most breeders ARE ethical, kind and passionate about the breed they raise! Most LOVE their dogs they raise and treat them very well. Most enjoy their puppies, and puppies are raised in the home with so much love and devotion!  Adults are treated like the loved pets they are! Most give up vacations to commit to those in their care because they do not trust others to care for those they love. Most are dedicated to the breed they raise, and selective in who they place their little ones with! Most have a good relationship with a good vet, because they care about their dogs and are there often! The selective few who are bad breeders, just make us all look bad. Please do not judge us all, based on the few! I would like to encourage everyone to overcome their prejudice and learn to make informed opinions based on facts per an individual. Please do not lump ALL people, in this hobby, into one critically shameful category. 
   The HSUS and PETA has spent donated money on anti breeder campaigns and legislation, and laws that do not help puppies or dogs at all. Only 1% of donations actually go to the animals they claim to love and honor. Please research them, please do not fall for their heartbreaking commercials. Give to your local shelters instead. Take note, have you seen hsus or Peta helping out in natural disasters? Where are they when there are fires, earthquakes, floods and catastrophic events? Are they there helping animals? Nope! There is no money to be made there...so hsus and peta...will not be seen helping. ...But your local shelters will, and local animal lovers, and often breeders too!
   First let me begin by asking you a few questions and see what your thoughts are. Have you been pre programmed?? Would you be an easy target for a puppy mill type breeder? Are these statements TRUE OR FALSE?

1. .Those who show dogs are definitely a reputable breeder.
2. A reputable breeder has never had anything go wrong with their dogs or puppies.
3. Giving shots to a puppy under 8 weeks old weakens the immune system.
4. Teacup Puppies are just like any other puppy.
5. If the puppy looks healthy when you buy it, then it is not at risk for Parvo or other illnesses.
6. Breeders who have a license and that are USDA approved are the best breeders to buy from.
8. Those who do not show the breed they sell know very little about the dogs they raise.
9. Puppies do not need vaccinations before they are 8 weeks old because they are still getting immunities from their mother and are not at risk yet.
10. Reputable breeders breed tiny teacup puppies because that is what most people are looking for.

Answers to these questions can be found below. See how you did. :D

1. Those who show dogs are defiantly a reputable breeder.

This is FALSE! Just because one enters a dog into an AKC show does not make them a better or more reputable breeder then someone who does not show.
Like any other breeder , some who show also raise dogs in awful dirty conditions and like any other BAD breeder, will knowingly breed unhealthy dogs because they win in the ring.  There are many good breeders out there who raise healthy dogs to the AKC standard who do not want to show. Get to know a breeder your considering. Talk to them. Discuss what your looking for. Ask about health, confirmation, and get refs. 

2. A reputable breeder has never had anything go wrong with their dogs or puppies.

This is FALSE! All breeders, good and bad, will have problems with the animals they raise. Raising animals is not an exact science. Not all factors can be controlled despite the best of efforts of the breeder. We are not GODS, and we do not control mother natures creations. How a breeder handles such problems though, is what sets them apart. 
For example if a breeder finds a dog is producing puppies with bad eyes, a reputable breeder will remove this dog from he breeding program and place it in a loving home under a spay/nuet contract. Unethical breeders will continue to breed this dog and its offspring not caring if eyes are good or bad. Such ethics is what Separates the good from the bad...ALL breeders will encounter issues...

3. Giving shots to a puppy under 8 weeks old weakens the immune system.

This is TRUE and FALSE! Trick question. lol Puppies should start vaccines at the age of 6 weeks. It can weaken the immune system for up to 3 days and that is why they should be vaccinated at this age while still in a 'safe' environment where they were born. They should have this vaccination before leaving and experiencing stress of a new home ect. All ethical breeders should vaccinate any puppy they raise BEFORE it leaves their care. Any breeder who does NOT vaccinate their puppies is putting the puppy at risk and you should NOT buy from them! Don't be tempted! That puppy could have parvo and you could have a huge vet bill and a dead puppy. *note* On smaller breeds, some will need to be 8 weeks to be vaccinated due to smaller size. Most breeders like the puppies to wieght at least 1 1/2 lbs before they vaccinate them.

4. Teacup Puppies are just like any other puppy.

This is FALSE! Teacup puppies are often runts. The term Teacup was created by puppy mills. They false advertise most or all of their puppies as 'teacups' even if the puppy is going to be above average in size. They do this to make sales faster, and to get more money per puppy. See our "TEACUPS" page for more info on this so that you don't fall victim to this practice. *note* there are so many sites now online that claim to only sell TEACUP PUPPIES. Stay away from those sites. 

5. If the puppy looks healthy when you buy it, then it is not at risk for Parvo or other illnesses.

This is FALSE! Parvo can have a 9-13 day incubation. So your puppy could be healthy, then suddenly 'break' with the virus. It is very important to only buy puppies that have been vaccinated. Puppies need a series of shots. Not just one. They need at least 4 shots, spaced 3 weeks apart to be protected against Parvo and other deadly viruses. Never take a puppy out to the park, petsmart ect until the puppy is FULLY vaccinated with at least 4 shots. A reputable breeder will explain this to you and give you instructions on how to keep your puppy on schedule with their shots/worming.

6. Breeders who have a license and that are USDA approved are the best breeders to buy from.

This is FALSE. Unfortunately many puppy mills out there are USDA licensed. Many USDA kennels are very LARGE SCALE with 100's of dogs in their care. Many are shut down just days after getting a good review from USDA. 

7. Dogs in petstores are healthy and people should go there rather then find a reputable breeder.

This is FALSE. 99% of puppies in petstores come from PUPPY MILLS. Puppy Mills sell quantity so dogs can be purchased at a low price and pet stores can resell for profit. Stay away from petstores.

8. Those who do not show the breed they sell know very little about the dogs they raise.

This is FALSE. A reputable breeder LOVES the breed they raise. They are a wealth of knowledge. They do not have to show to understand the lines they work with or to have high standards and goals. Showing is a choice. Not all breeders choose to enter the ring. Not everyone wants to deal with the politics involved in showing. Thats ok. Sometimes breeders who show can breed for the look of the dog often at the expense of the health of the dogs. So can people who don't show. There will be GOOD  and BAD people who show just as there are many who don't show dogs. Use common sense, ask questions, and get to know your breeder. Ask for refs and trust your judgement. 

9. Puppies do not need vaccinations before they are 8 weeks old because they are still getting immunities from their mother and are not at risk yet.

This is FALSE. This is often told to customers by breeders who are in it JUST for profit. Vaccinating puppies should begin at 6 weeks of age. Unethcial breeders do not like to pay for vaccines. They would have to vaccinate hundreds of puppies! So they come up with logical sounding lies to tell customers. Never buy an unvaccinated puppy. Preferably only buy a puppy that has already been vet checked prior to sale.

10. Reputable breeders breed tiny teacup puppies because that is what most people are looking for.

This is FALSE! Ethical reputable breeders breed for healthy dogs. Teacup size puppies are not healthy and breeding undersized dogs would be a HUGE health risk to the parents and potential puppies. Ethical breeders breed with in the breed standard using healthy dogs that fall in the 'normal' range for the breed. Larger puppies and smaller puppies may be the result of good breeding practices, so many breeders will have both to offer on occasion, but they do not breed for it. 

 What is a puppy mill?

It is NOT the same as a 'BREEDER'. It is not one who raises dogs. It is not a person who has multiple dogs.  It is not a person who raises dogs for profit. 

So what IS a puppy Mill then?

  A puppy mill is a place that raises dogs with no Concern, Love, or passion for those in their care. Little to no care goes into the dogs they own. The dogs in their care, or possesion, are sick, dirty, living in horrific conditions. They are people who mass produce dogs. They will even use sick and or deformed adults to breed. No vaccines are given, so most puppies produced there will be sick and or die very young. Puppy mills only care about the sale of the dog, not the dog itself or you the new owner. 
These links will show you some pictures. But use caution, they are graphic and heartbreaking. Only click on the link if you can handle seeing animals in pain or ones that have passed away.  Selling to someone who runs a facility like this is my worst nightmare, this is why I am so picky about where my puppies go. This is why I will no longer sell with FULL AKC papers or rights.

Now that being said, I would like to point out that the HSUS is trying to portray ALL BREEDERS as being puppy mills or criminals. There have been several cases where an ethical breeder has been raided, and denied due process, and slandered on TV and News media. Sometimes false video footage is used. Its happening at an alarmingly more frequent rate. The HSUS wants everyone to HATE breeders in general as they are against animal ownership or companionship as a whole. Please be sure to make your own judgements about breeders as individuals. Please do not think all breeders are puppy mills. Puppy Mills raise SICK, UNHEALTHY dog knowing they are doing so. Ethical breeders raise dogs in a loving responsible manner. The number of dogs does not make a puppy mill, the treatment of the dogs they own does. Please keep all that in mind. 

Inside a puppy Mill a very in depth site
Stories of puppy mill survivors
Puppymills and petstores 

 So what is a puppy mill? 
They are those who mass produce unhealthy dogs in filthy dangerous conditions for profit. Most puppies are very sick when sold as they have not been properly cared for, and have grown up in filthy conditions, and have not been vaccinated. These puppies most often end up in pet stores, and now online via broker sites.

 What is a Backyard breeder? One who breeds dogs on a smaller scale in unhealthy conditions. Most just breed two dogs together with no forethought into why, or if they should. They do not vaccinate adults or puppies. Most are not cruel or neglectful the way puppy mills are. They just are under educated. All breeders keep dogs in the 'back yard' but it is the lack of proper care and selection that deems the term "Back Yard Breeder". They are not just anyone who raises dogs that doesn't show. That is a myth that only show breeders are best or that their dogs are more healthy. Some show breeders breed for the overal LOOK of the dog and not the health. Their goals are to win in the ring, and some (not all and not generalizing here)

 What is a reputable breeder? This is a person who raises dogs with strong ethics and morals. They start with healthy sound vaccinated adults, and breed with goals to better the breed. They offer a clean secure environment for their dogs and puppies. All dogs are vaccinated and wormed on schedule. Puppies see a vet before leaving. They are educated in the breed they raise and try to educate others. They care about their reputations and uphold strong ethical practices to secure a good reputation for themselves and their dogs. They care about where their puppies go, and are not pushy when selling. In fact some may find it rude when asked questions by such breeders in regards to what they can offer their puppies. They will not sell to just anyone. 
How do you find a good REPUTABLE BREEDER??

Here are some other links I have found with some GREAT recourses for you. I want you to educate yourself, so you can make a well informed choice when you buy a puppy, even if you do not buy from me, I don't want to give people who run puppy mills encouragement to continue to hurt animals and humans. If I can keep just one person from buying from a puppy mill, this page has been effective and both you and I will be happier for it. I also want you to be able to tell for yourself how to spot an unethcial breeder and how to acknowledge a responsible one. 

How to find a good breeder by doginfo.com
How to find a good breeder posted by CBS TV
Ask the vet-how to find a good breeder
Article from dog play about breeders lots of articles here
Article by Oakland tribune about how to find a good breeder

Please be sure to educate yourself and think for yourself. Despite what you see on tv know there are two sides to everystory. There is alot of propoganda out there now trying to create a negative spin against ALL animal owners, breeders, farmers ect. CLICK on these pictures for additional reading and insight.