Our poms are all part of our family. They all get to come in the house, go on road trips, (sometimes to get a french fry or two or to go to the park or farmers market they get lavished with attention and they love it!  We love our little poms.  They are each an individual, with a name, a personality of their own, and loved by us.  They are not numbers, puppy making machines, and they are not expendable.  They are our cherished pets first, and occasionally they have puppies to share with you.  
     All poms get to come in at night. They get tucked into their bed (a crate with a little fleece bed in it).  During the day they have full run of the backyard.  Most days they get to play with the kids, or sit in my lap while I sit on the porch to watch the kids play.  They have food out for them and clean water in three different areas for them at all times!  They are all wormed and vaccinated on schedule.  They are brushed and groomed as often as needed. I hate matted dirty poms!  
    We love our poms.  We pamper them and respect their needs and try very hard to let them know we cherish them. Our puppies are always enthusiastically anticipated, and carefully planned. We hope you will take some time to see our site, and learn more about all of us here.
     We are now located in Southern Texas. We just moved here from Ca. We live on 3 beautiful acres. It is so pretty and GREEN here! Here is a picture of our home. We just moved in so no landscaping has been done. But it will be done soon!!
     Where we live
     How we treat our poms
   What makes them so special!
     I am very proud as to how we raise our puppies.  They are so delicate and fragile, impressionable and special.  We do not lock them in cages and forget about them.  We do not ignore them til they are ready to go to a new home.  We love our puppies and have so much fun with each litter. My kids cry each time one leaves still!
    When a litter is expected, mother is kept in her 'bed' crate in the room with us while we closely monitor her actions, temp, and mood.  When her temp drops, or her actions tell us she is close she is moved into the bathroom with a special delivery bed lined with clean puppy pads.  Puppy pads are changed after the birth of each puppy to ensure the pups are kept clean and sanitary.  I sit with the mother, pet her, soothe her, and try to comfort her as best I can through her labor and delivery.  I help clean each puppy, which helps imprint them to the human touch and smell. This is an important step in raising nice friendly social puppies. I also stay with mom and pups and make sure they stay warm, and eat, and be sure they are strong ect.  
   Once labor is over, Mom and pups get a special cozy, padded bed.  The bathroom becomes her new 'space'.  If we have more then one mother, Moms are kept in a nice large wire crate, next to my bed. Heat lamps or heating pads are used when needed in the winter to help keep puppies warm and cozy. In the summer we run our air so that our home doesn't get to hot here in Texas for us, and for the dogs. Fresh food and water is there for her and a puppy pad is put out 'just in case' she can't wait to go outside.
    The puppies get held many times a day, everyday.  They know us by smell at first, then they start the hear us, then eventually they see us.  They can start to wag their tails before the ears and eyes open.  They usually start to wag their tails when we come in and pet them. 
     As they grow they get used to all kinds of sounds of the home.  Here are a few they are exposed to : the tv, radio, phone, vaccum, other dogs barking, kids talking, laghing, toys being played with, the door bell, chairs sliding on the floor, water running, doors opening, and so much more.  This is all very important imprinting as the puppy will be used to the everyday noises of the home.  They come to accept all of these sounds as normal.  That makes them stronger, friendlier, more outgoing, confident, and makes the transition to your home easier since all they need to get used to is your new family!  Kenneled dogs don't get this.  They don't know what a 'family' sounds like.  That makes them scared and timid, and fearful to explore new things.  That is why I feel our puppies are well socailized and off to a good emotional start.
    Each puppy will be wormed on and vaccinated before they leave my home.  That gets them off to a very HEALTHY start. They will come with a shot record, a puppy pack (food and instruction booklet). They will also see a vet who will carefully inspect them to be sure they are healthy and ready for their new homes. We also offer a 1 year guarantee on all puppies and a lifetime of support for each.
     I care very much for our little fur babies. So when you write to inquire about a puppy do not be insulted if I write back and ask you a few questions too.  
     I hope you enjoy my site. If you have any suggestions on how I could make it better feel free to drop me a note. I am always open for feedback.

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