Avoiding common PUPPY SCAMS Scams
This page will be a work in progress, 
as I come across new scams, I will try to update this page.
How easy are you to Scam? 
Are you an EASY target for scammer??
 Take this quick Quiz..

1. Do you think these puppies sell for 200-300?
2. Do you google search the word TEACUP puppies for sale when searching?
3. Do you think 2lb puppies are common and healthy?
4. Is size the #1 thing you consider when buying a puppy?
5. Do you think all these pictures are of REAL puppies?
6. DO you think TEACUP poms are Real?
BEFORE picture.....
Now the Eyes, Nose, and mouth have all been edited. Eyes are bigger, rounder, noce is smaller and squished in, mouth and muzzle are made smaller to.
BEFORE picture.....
AFTER picture.....
If you aswered YES to any of the ABOVE questions

YOUR Likely to FALL FOR A SCAM!!!!


BEFORE picture.....
AFTER picture.....

How did you do on the Quiz..?? Lets find out! 
Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page, to help you LEARN the RIGHT questions to ask
To save you MONEY and HEARTACHE! 

1. Do you think these puppies sell for 200-300?
Pomeranians usually sell for much more then 200-300.  Usually 1500 and up is common asking price for poms. Scammers know this, so posting poms for such a low price, makes people think they are getting a deal! But sadly, the deal is, its a SCAM!

2. Do you google search the word TEACUP puppies for sale when searching?
Many type into search "Tiny Micro Teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale" Most scammers pay very well to have their scam sites show up on the FIRST page of google for those key words. So when you type that into search, you will see mostly scam sites. Scammers do not have dogs to sell...just pictures of dogs...

3. Do you think 2lb puppies are common and healthy?
The AKC standard states that pomeranians should be 4lbs -7lbs. Those that are smaller then breed standard may be prone to more health issues such as seizures, and other neurological disorders, hypoglycemia, heart issues and more...puppies that most people think are 2lbs, are usually 4lbs. 

4. Is size the #1 thing you consider when buying a puppy?
When looking for a puppy, a reputable breeder who's focus is on healthy poms, should be more important then size. Is the puppy vaccinated? Are the parents happy and healthy? Does the breeder have references? These are more important questions then about size. Scammers rely on the fact that some are so blinded by the desire for a tiny dog, they forget to ask the important questions, and therefore are easy to take advantage of.

5. Do you think all these pictures above are of REAL puppies?
All the pictures above are PHOTO Shopped. REAL pom puppies do not look like that! The pictures are FAKE, the dogs are NOT REAL.
6. DO you think TEACUP poms are Real?
The term TEACUP Pomeranian's is a term that many now believe to mean a few things. Some think it means a dog no bigger then 2lbs. Some believe its a smaller then average puppy, or one that is the runt. Some even believe that poms come in different size classes like poodles do, like Standard, Toy ect...But ALL pomeranian's are in the TOY category. Standard states pomeranian's ideal size is 4-7lbs. This is the size most reputable breeders strive for if they are breeding to the breed standard. 
These have all been EDITED....
~EYES~  to look ROUNDER and BIGGER~
~Nose~to look shorter and thicker and tiny like a little dot!~
~Face-to look rounder, giving the head a 'circle' shape~
~Mouths-to look tinier, and fake, and doll like~
If they use a pic like this.....

Its a Scam!
If they do not have pics of adults on their page like this.....

Its a SCAM!
​If they use LURES   Its a SCAM

LURES are things that might get you EXCITED to impulse buy!

 LURES include FAKE pics like above. 

LURES include claims that their puppies are so great even MOVIE STARS BUY them...so you should to!

LURES are all hype, and an agenda to get you excited to spend lots of $$$$ quickly and impulsivly. 

LURES may even use a 50% off mark down price to LURE you in! Learn to spot a LURE and learn to STAY AWAY from them!

The #1 LURE of all time for Pomeranian puppies is
This Pomeranian is a Tiny Teacup !!!

The word TEACUP is the biggest LURE on the internet!

See my TEACUPS page to learn more about this one BEFORE you buy!

If you TYPE IN the words TINY TEACUP PUPPIES FOR SALE on google, the first two pages are nothing but scam sites. 
These are REAL pomeranian puppies.  NO photo editing here. This is what Pom puppies REALLY look like.....

ALL the picture above are FAKE pics. 

See how they do it BELOW!
This is a REAL pom puppy. NO photo editing here. This is what he REALLY looks like.....
This is a FAKE pom puppy. This has been edited to SCAM you out of money. 
How to spot SCAM SITES
CLICK ON A PIC BELOW to see screenies of some of the SCAM SITES who have STOLEN my testomony page info, to scam people into thinking they have a GOOD REPUTATION. They are stealing my reputation to do so! 
They change their address and site names often so its hard to keep track! But they have been doing this for over 6 years. Same sites, just like below, just new names. Notice my name, my poms, my info from my testimony page here. Scammers STOLE it! BE so CAREFUL when shopping!

ALWAYS ask any potential SELLER
For a Picture of YOUR PUPPY 
With a piece of paper
This proves they actually HAVE the puppy they are advertising

ASK for a VIDEO of your puppy!
Ask for a common household item to be put in the video by the puppy!
(remote control, spoon, Coffee Mug ect)
Again this PROVES they have the puppy and you can see what it REALLY looks like!
Videos are harder to edit!

For more info on how to find a REPUTABLE BREEDER

These are the SAME puppies but they pictures were edited to have BIGGER eyes, shorter noses, and now people think that these are REAL puppies....All part of the scam...
Edited  PUPPY