The Truth About Tea Cup Puppies for sale
Looking for a TEACUP Pomeranian puppy for sale?
or a tiny Micro Pocket pom for sale?
One that will be super tiny?
Please read On! 

and save THOUSANDS of Dollars!
1. What is a Teacup, Toy, Pocket size puppy?

   The term Teacup is now a common term created and used by puppy mills. They use it to lure impulsive people into buying a tiny cute little puppy. They make believe that ANY puppy they sell you will remain tiny as an adult so you will buy from them. The TRUTH is that ALL Pomeranian puppies are tiny! But ALL grow up! Most between the sizes of 3-7lbs as that is the AKC standard. But many puppy mills breed HUGE females to get more puppies per litter, so many of those so called TEACUPS might not even be the standard size, but larger!

     Many believe that a TOY or Tea Cup is the new trend in dogs. They believe a tiny puppy is such a novelty, rare and adorable they will pay grand amounts to own one. They want attention, and will use a dog to get it. Many BUY without thinking first if they should. Most puppy mills depend on this desire. This desire makes YOU AND EASY TARGET!

    I have seen many websites advertising very large puppies as “Adult size will be 3 lbs or less!”. I know from experience that those puppies pictured will most likely be larger then 7lbs as adults. Most even put a false inflated price tag of 2-3 thousand dollars for these dogs! So be careful and educate yourself. All puppies in the group AKC has listed as the TOY group, will be in the 3-7lbs range. That is the AKC standard. The SIZE your puppy will mature at is the LEAST of your worries though! So read on!
     Ethical breeders can't be 100% correct in predicting exact adult sizes. of their puppies. How can these other breeders have ESP and know ALL their puppies will mature to be teacups? The truth here is that most, if not all, will be an average 7lbs and up regardless what they promise you. Most know this, but they lie to be sure you will buy the puppy. 
True Teacups are very rare and it is NOT common to have a whole litter of them, let alone, litter after litter. True teacups are also more likely to be prone to health problems, especially if they are bred to be to small or bred in large overpopulated puppy mills. So read on before you decide to buy one. Know the risks involved in owning a smaller then average TOY breed is first.

2.The risks involved in owning a Teacup, Toy, or Pocket Pom? Are they healthy?

Here are a few Facts:
A puppy who is under 1lb or under by the age of 8 weeks old may not survive to adulthood
A dog who is only 2-4 lbs as an adult is more prone to health defects such as:

Open Fontanel
Heart Murmur
Hypoglycemia even as an adult
Fragile or underdeveloped bones and body
Enlarged Heart
Liver Shunt
Early Death-will not reach 2 years old in age.

A tiny dog is easier to step on if left loose in your home.
A tiny dog needs 100% supervision until they are at least 6 months old or longer.
A tiny dog may need special or extra vet care, such as med's/tests,  even an adult.
A tiny dog may be at a higher risk in surgical procedures due to size.
A tiny dog is more likely not to survive surgeries as anesthesia is to risky.
  • All tiny dogs are more prone to have common illnesses become fatal.

     Many puppy mills will tell you that Teacups are just like any other puppy.
 That is not true. 

    True Teacups may not grow properly. The bones and organs can be stunted in growth. This can lead to health problems that can cause high vet bills or lead to or cause death. The most common problems a super small dog may have is a heart murmur or an open fontanel. Most puppies can live healthy normal lives with these defects, but some will not, especially if the new owner is not made aware of these defects. But it is important you know what to look for, and ask the breeder about. It might be harder for these puppies to adjust to the trauma of going to a new home. Most of these tiny ones, may suffer hypoglycemia, Guardia or Cocci at higher and more frequent numbers because their systems are so fragile and weak. These conditions may also be harder to fight off for the smaller ones, and what might be harmless to a normal size puppy, could be fatal for a tiny one and vet care will be required. Now add to that, most come from Puppy Mills and they leave before they should be away from mother, and you have a puppy set up and sold to die for profit. Don't support this! Do your homework!
      Any puppy that is not 1 1/2-2lbs lbs by 8 weeks, can be considered a HUGE HEALTH risk. Most that are not 2 lbs at 8 weeks are at a higher risk to not even reach adulthood. They may require much more attention, work, or vet bills to be sure the puppy grows and matures Healthy. Most ethical breeders do not breed for such high risks. However, since we are not all powerful, and we can't manipulate the gene pool to perfection as we may wish, we do occasionally get such tiny little ones from time to time, just as we may occasionally get one who will be larger. Most ethical breeders however will tell you the same thing, that the smaller the dog, the higher the risk may be for health problems. 

3.  Is a Tea Cup right for you?

   Ask yourself the following:
1. Can I be home with my tiny companion 24 hours a day?
2. Did I do research on this breed, and can it fit into my lifestyle/schedule?
3. Do I have time to groom weekly as needed?
4. Can I afford the vet care he or she will need after purchase?
5. Can I handle the stress of the extra 24/7 care the puppy will need?
6. Will I still love this puppy even if they get bigger or smaller then I expected?
7. Can I give up sleep if needed to watch,comfort, or care for the puppy?
8. Can I devote the time and funds needed to train the puppy?
8. Will I be patient training the puppy, even if it takes up to 6 months to potty train?
10. Will I be willing to change my plans if the puppy needs me?
11. Do I have a babysitter I can trust for the puppy should I need one?
12. Do I have a vet I can trust?
13. Is my family ready for a new addition that might change things?
14. If I were a puppy, would I like yourself, and recommend myself, as an owner?
15. Do I have experience in dog ownership? 
        16. A first time dog owner should not start out with a teacup. The extra care required can be to much.

8. Are there Healthy Teacups out there?
I have tried to put this page together to help educate you, and to help you understand the risks involved in owning a True Teacup. I want to say that I know many many healthy so called Teacups who have lived happy full lives with NO problems, and NO extra health issues. But, the majority who use this term are puppy mills so the majority who sell 'just Teacups' should NOT be trusted as they only care about a quick sale that is final, even if they are knowingly selling a sick animal.  
        I just want people to understand the risks. I want new owners to be aware and educate themselves, so that they can make informed decisions for themselves and not get taken advantage of, or jump into a sale they are not ready for.
Please also understand not all health issues a dog has, or may develop in its life, is the fault of the breeder. Unethical Breeders make so many honest breeders look bad. There are many of us who are honest, and raise poms because we LOVE them and enjoy them. But even we can't control genes in our dogs any more then parents can control what genes their children will inherit. If we could, we would be very wealthy, and all health problems cured!  I think most should be warry of breeders who make grand promises about their puppies they sell. Find an honest breeder. Ask for refs, and check those refs. Even if they tell you they can't promise you the things you want to hear, that might be a much better resource for you. I NEVER promise any of my puppies will be tiny as adults. I may say I think they will be small, but I always tell people I can't be sure on how a puppy will grow to mature. Be skeptical of those who do make such claims ask questions.
5. What about you, do you get and sell true Teacups?

I start with healthy parents of healthy sizes. Most mothers are 5-7lbs. This allows for easy birthing, and less risk of producing fatal teacups, c cections, or health risks to the mother. Most parents have a parent or grandparent in the 4-5lb range. This helps to produce the ideal sizes of 4-7lbs and avoid super tiny, to large, and fatals. Even with this practice, I do get super tiny so called teacups and larger poms occasionally. However, if I think I have a super tiny puppy, I would never Gaurantee it to be a teacup or label it as such. I will tell you I think it might be a tiny dog as an adult, but I will also tell you, I can't be 100% sure. Only God knows for sure what the final Look and size of the puppy will be.
All our puppies are vet checked at approx 8 weeks before they go home with new owners. So if any suffer from anything, all new potential owners will be told ahead of time. All puppies come with a 1 year guarantee. If your puppy should suffer something genetically fatal in the first year, I will replace the puppy. 
Yes, I have produced several tiny so called teacups who are very healthy and happy. Not all will have health related problems but not all have been without some minor issues. Not all people looking to buy a tiny dog, should own one either as they are not responsible enough to take on all the challenges that owning a tiny one may put on them. If I do get them I am very picky on where they go, and I am honest about any risk involved in buying one. I have a specail contract for the extra tiny ones that I think may be 3 lbs or less as adults. Since they are more prone to problems, I wanted to create this page and let people know, when trying to buy a super tiny, there is always a potential risk. You take on that risk when you look to buy the runt of the litter and try to buy an unhealthy tiny sized dog. For some it is worth the risk and cost. I just wanted to put this out there for so many who didn't know there were such risks.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it helped inform you a bit about the risk Tea Cups can be. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I am not just about selling Pomeranians, so even if you are not trying to buy from me, I will still be happy to help you in any way I can, so don't be to shy to email me.

All dogs in the American Kennel Club TOY class, are Toy size dogs. ALL pomeranians are in the TOY class.
Tea Cup, Toy and Pocket size pets are terms made up by unethical puppy mills to help them make a quicker impulse sale.
The term 'Tea Cup is believed to mean a dog that will mature at 2-4lbs in size.
Most ethical breeders do not breed for dogs that will be under 4 lbs because its unhealthy.
Dogs that are less than 4 lbs, as adults, are at higher risk for many health problems. (see list below)
Dogs that will be less than 4lbs as adults need 200% more attention to stay healthy and may not reach adulthood.
Dogs less than 4lbs as adults are more likely to cost you more in vet bills.
Most puppies sold as Teacups will actually turn out to be very large in size.
Most Teacups people think weigh 2-3 lbs, actually weigh 4-5 lbs or more.
Healthy, true Teacups are very rare.

A few QUICK FACTS about TEACUP Pomeranians