Tiny Teacup Puppies for sale, Buyer Beware! Heartbreak

  I have been upset by the mindset I see often by many who come to me looking to buy a puppy. I am constantly emailed these one sentence questions and asked if :

"Do you sell tiny Teacup Poms?" or "Micro Poms" "How big are the parents, are they all teacups?" "How big will that puppy be as an adult?" "Will the puppy I buy for SURE be only 2-3 lbs as an adult?" "Can you let me know when you have one that will be only 2lbs as an adult, I only want a very tiny one, and I don't want to spend alot."

If I say no to any of the above, I am asked if I know someone who does. I might even lose a few sales when I tell them that most puppies sold as teacup come from puppymills and  are runts, Poorly inbred, sick puppies, or underage puppies. They might even get insulted if I ask them "What is more important a healthy dog or getting a small one?" 90% of those who write to me about a puppy NEVER seem to ask about health, vaccinations, or Health history of the parents, its always the same thing, its just "HOW BIG, WILL IT BE TINY, IS IT A TEACUP?". This is what those puppy mill types are waiting for! They LOVE this! Its an EASY sale to make.  I try to mention that most who promise to sell you a teacup are puppy mills, or puppy brokers who get sick puppies shipped here to the USA to sell to you. Many of these sick puppies end up in pet shops, or pet BOUTIQUES online who will promise you ANYTHING to get your money in their hands! Some even go so far as to claim to sell to movie stars so you will think they are legit!
   Puppy mills are flooding the Internet, and putting out these false images and propagating an unhealthy image for new potential puppy owners. There are now SEVERAL PUPPY BROKERS ONLINE selling directly to the public. They pay BIG BUCKS to show up on PAGE ONE of the SEARCH ENGINES. Be careful! They are selling dogs directly to YOU from puppy mills! Please save yourself from and help STOP puppy mills by buying your dog from a reputable breeder!

Teacup Pomeranin puppy
I wanted to buy a TEACUP, Micro, Pocket sized puppy.
One that would only be 2 or 3 lbs when it was grown.
I didn't know this would happen to me or to my new puppy!! 
I wish I knew all this BEFORE I bought one!!
If you don’t want to be HEARTBROKEN with an EMPTY WALLET please read this first!!!
Education is the Key to protecting yourself!
Read the TRUTH about TEACUPS HERE When your done with this page!
Everyday ....
there are hundreds of people searching the Internet to buy a TEACUP PUPPY.
Everyday ....
a puppy mill is waiting to fill that order and promise you that tiny dog!
Everyday ....
a puppy dies because people didn't educate themselves enough, to avoid the puppy mills.
dogs suffer, because they live long lives in cages or filthy living conditions to meet the demands of unsuspecting Buyers!
a new owner has their heart broken, when they have to see a sick puppy suffer.
a new Owner goes broke paying vet bills to try to save the life of the new puppy they just bought.
people come to this page, but do not read it, and they do not learn, and they become another statistic.
Please, Please educate yourself so you don't become one of these people....

~CHEAP Dogs sold by Unethical Breeders(& why puppies might die ):

  • they breed in bulk, and do not care for their adults or babies
  • Poor nutrition/not enough food/water for adults or puppies (neglected/skinny,sick)
  • No vaccinations/worming for adults/puppies. (Fleas, worms, parvo etc)
  • They do not house, feed, socialize, groom, bathe, or care for adults/parents or pups.
  • They do not spend $$ on clean, warm/cool, dry housing/fencing/cooling or heating/food/vet care/NOTHING!
  • They breed sick/genetically unsound adults.
  • puppies are weaned to early and shipped before they are ready leading to poor immun systems and sick pupppies
  • They lie about their dogs, and their puppies. Some even comem from over seas but they say they are local.
  • Many scam clients for money and never even send a puppy

When looking for a puppy, please be aware there are many unethical breeders out there now trying to get a quick buck from YOU! I want you to be able to think for yourself, and learn to tell the honest from the dishonest.

I do not want you to think ALL breeders are bad. Most, despite what you may hear from the HSUS, and other Animal Rights groups, are caring loving people who enjoy their dogs and take excellent care of them. There is a HUGE propoganda going on now that wants the public to believe that ANY breeder is considered a puppy mill. This is not true. One person can  have two dogs and that can be to many for them to care for. Those dogs may be neglected, abused, and or in poor health. Another person can have 10 dogs, all of who are well cared for, clean, social, and happy. The number of dogs a person has or raises is NOT what makes a good breeder vs bad breeder. How one cares for the dogs in their care IS what defines a person as a breeder. How does the breeder treat you? Are they curteous, helpful, do they try to teach you about their breed? Are they pushy, rude, or short? Do they  make you feel rushed or uncomfortable? If you visit them, do not focus on just the number of dogs they own. See if the dogs are frirendly, Vibrant, active, and unafriad of the their owner? Are they reasonably clean or matted and dirty? Talk to your breeder. Most are friendly and out to help you even after the sale. :D But there are those few, who scam, mistreat dogs, and make everyone else look bad. Please do not lump us all into one catoagory and think all breeders are puppymills. Learn to tell the difference.

Here are some links to SAD heartbreaking stories about what has happened to people looking to buy a TEACUP Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Maltese, and other small breeds. Please take the time to visit these links and read the stories. It will open your eyes and help you understand how to protect yourself!

Click on the links below to read more stories so you won't become the next victim.

to read about an investigation done for the OPRAH show, some investigative reporters track down where many puppies come from you see in the pet stores and Internet Puppy Boutiques and such. They go undercover to see where these sick puppies come from. Read about what they find!

To read how one Kennel/Boutique is selling sick yorkies around the country. This person has TONS of true stories to share, and warn you about!

To read about one couples experience buying a sick dog. Later to find out this dog was from...

What is an Unethical Breeder?

  • Someone who puts profit over the care of their animals.
  • Someone who sells sick puppies on purpose with no regard to their health or the feelings of new potential owners
  • One that will promise your puppy will be a teacup and one who guarantees size.
  • A person who keeps dogs in unsanitary conditions.
  • A person who has no goals other then profit
  • Someone who mistreats their animals
  • One that sells unvaccinated, unwormed, and non vet checked puppies
  • Someone who sells underage puppies
  • Those who scam
  • Pushy people who harass or bully you into buying a puppy
  • A person who breeds sick dogs
  • One who keeps dogs in cages their whole life