**Prices vary depending on Supply and Demand.**
**Prices reflect demand for certain Colors, Gender, Size &
confirmation & sometimes pedigree/parents values. **
*Girls, smaller sizes, and exotic colors are higher in demand and higher in value**
**The cost to raise a healthy litter is not cheap, vet care, vaccinations, vet checks ect all cost. **
**Smaller sizes are in highest demand and so size can influence the price.**

Why don't you sell your puppies with full or limited AKC when all your adults are registered?
How can I arrange payment plans?
    Payment plans are very easy and it is up to YOU how they work! It all starts with a non refundable deposit of $200.00. Then you let me know how much you can pay each paycheck. We arrange a day for payment, and future payments. The only requirement is that the puppy must be paid in full by the time he/she is 8 weeks old. For most people that gives you 4 paychecks to make payments. If the puppy is not paid off by the time they are 8 weeks old the all, but the non refundable deposit, will be returned to you, and the puppy will go back up for sale. 

    An example if you wanted a puppy that is 1200. You pay $200.00 when the puppy is born. Then $300 in two weeks(pup is 2 weeks old), $300 the next two weeks (pup is 4 weeks old), $200,00 the next two weeks (pup is 6 weeks), Then the last $200.00 when the puppy is 8 weeks old. That payment is usually made on pick up day. :D If the puppy is older other plans can be made. You just let me know how you would like to work it. 
How much do your pomeranian puppies cost?
How much do your pomeranian puppies cost?
Prices range from 2000-5000 
I sell all my puppies without AKC papers.This is to help me place my puppies in PET homes only. Generally speaking only breeders want papers.  There are many unethical breeders out there who do not care for their dogs. Since I can't know who is ethical and who isn't, I only sell to PET HOMES now. No exceptions. Selling without papers helps keep my puppies in homes where they will get the attention and care they deserve.

   I used to include two prices for all my dogs. One price was lower, and it was without AKC papers. This was my way of trying to successfully place my dogs in loving pet homes only. The next price was higher with limited AKC papers for those who liked to have the paperwork of a purebred. To get the papers, you just had to bring proof of a spay or neuter, and then I would give out the limited AKC papers. My experience however, has taught me all the ways that this can come back to haunt me. Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way that not everyone is honest. It is mostly breeders who seem to desire the AKC papers of a dog. Many breeders are wonderful people. But, I have had BAD ONES try to forge my AKC papers, or sell dogs they say were from my lines but are ones they bought or bred in a puppy mill using the AKC papers they got on a pet dog I sold under a spay contract. Even though I sent them LIMITED AKC, they simply use another registry to register the unhealthy dogs that they claim were mine! That is MY NAME and my REPUTATION that is damaged when that occurs. I could fill pages with such stories. 
    When I have refused to sell a puppy to certain people (the puppy mill types who have no morals or ethics), I have been  harassed, my name has been slandered online in forums, and these breeders have targeted me to try and ruin my reputation. All this is done out of spite and hostility because I didn't want to sell to them and have my puppy grow up in a cage! For these reasons, and for many more I don't have room or time to post, I now only sell PET PUPPIES to PET HOMES with no AKC.
    I have the right to REFUSE a sale. I worry about my puppies being in danger of falling into the wrong hands. I will not sell to anyone that I feel threatened by, who is pushy, or rude ect. Most of the time those are people who feel their rights to keep dogs in cages and run a puppy mill exceeds my rights to NOT sell to them.  My puppies mean the world to me, and I care about where they end up. Selling with AKC papers increases the chances my puppies can wind up in the wrong hands. I know the majority of people and breeders are GOOD and Honest, but the few bad ones have lead to me changing things to protect the puppies I love!
       All my puppies are now listed at the lower pet price. I no longer offer my puppies with AKC papers. This has helped me put my fears to rest because I know my fur kids will only go to loving pet homes and will not end up in a puppy mill situation. I would rather lose a sale, than put them at risk for an unhappy life. I will be happy to show you the parent's FULL AKC papers when you buy your dog. ALL my adults are registered with AKC, and I have been inspected and given approval by AKC to raise my babies. 
    I know there are alot of good breeders out there. I do not have a problem with ethical people raising dogs. It is my passion, and I know many great people share it! However, they are no longer the majority. There are too many raising dogs in the most inhumane ways possible. Some who show dogs are just as guilty, so being a "show home" is not a gold stamp classification of ethics or morals. Since I can't know who is honest, and reputable (and everyone claims to be both) and who is a puppy mill, I no longer sell my Pomeranians to breeders or with AKC papers. 
    I do not wish for my babies to become victims in a puppy mill.   I do not wish for my dogs to live out their lives in a cage or kennel without the love and affection of caring owners. I do not want them neglected, abused, or forgotten. It is my dream that each dog will be the center of someone's universe! =) I try hard to make them ready for that life. Please do not be alarmed or insulted if I ask many questions about your intentions when you inquire about my puppies. Also if you're looking to buy a dog just to breed, please search elsewhere. Sorry.  Thanks for reading and thanks for your understanding.

   There are sooo many variants that influence the price of a puppy. The biggest one for us is that we want our puppies in a loving FOREVER home. Price equals value...and our puppies lives are of the greatest value from the day they are born. They are not expendable. They are not accessories to be bought and sold with careless disregard. They are individuals. They are important. They matter regardless of color, gender, size, or confirmations. From the day they are born, they matter. 
    Our #1 reason for our prices is to keep our puppies in the greatest committed loving pet homes for LIFE. Homes that have committed themselves to what it takes to own and care for a forever companion. We don't want anyone to buy one of our babies on a whim, or without doing their homework on what it takes to be a responsible owner. Poms can live up to 18 years or so, and they will depend on you for all that time to care for them, provide for them, and never give up on them, because they will never give up on you! ((*A note: If you were to buy a baby and at any time in its life find yourself unable to care or keep him/her, we will ALWAYS take our babies back.))
     Our prices reflect our care, our time, cost to feed, house, vet, and raise our puppies. Our babies are held from day one, they are played with every day, we have them vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, all that before leaving to help ensure a happy healthy start. All of this is our duty and our pleasure, to care for our babies. We get very attached to each one, and we can tell you all about each one's personalities! Because they are so rich in personalities, regardless of color, type, or confirmation...It is their individuality that we treasure! We care deeply for them and we want the very best for them and their future. We want you to be happy with your babies too! We want our babies to always be a perfect match with you! 

     A puppy with the most desirable, or frequently requested, traits is going to have a higher value. Lowest prices for example might be for larger orange males (most common color, bigger in size, and male gender) that is not sold by the time it is 16 weeks. At that time that dogs price may be lowered. Most expensive prices would be for small white females with the most requested traits such as small muzzle, small ears, and a short cobby body (that is not a common color and the color, gender, and size #1 most requested). Those may go for higher than normal prices at $4000-5000.
    Many pet stores charge this price or more for puppies, yet they sell SICK puppies from unethical breeders and puppy mills.They offer NO warranty, and your puppy may not survive to adulthood due to unsafe breeding practices at puppy mills and sick puppies being produced by sick, neglected parents. We do NOT approve of those practices. The prices that we charge ensure a healthy, happy puppy that has been raised inside our home with love, attention, and more than a little doting. Our puppies come from healthy, happy parents who are a part of our family and are treated as such. Our prices also include a warranty as well as a life long opportunity to contact us with any question or concern. 
   We strive to go that extra mile so that we may produce happy, healthy puppies. But to have a healthy puppy, we must start with healthy parents. Our price reflects the cost of healthy, quality parents: cost of Vet Checks to be sure that the parent is healthy, housing for adults, vaccines/worming, parasite prevention, vet fees, grooming, food, water, toys, treats, bedding, puppy pads, vitamins, quality time with people and training ect. It is not cheap to raise a healthy litter. Healthy parents create a great start for our puppies and it helps to ensure your puppy will live out its many years (as many as 18 or so!) with you!
   WE encourage everyone to meet the parents, visit our home, and see the conditions the puppies are raised in. ALL my puppies get vet checked BEFORE they leave my home, they are kept current on worming and vaccines and will be here until I feel they are ready to leave their mother (small ones may be here as long as 16 weeks or more if needed). During that time they get used to all the household noises, get used to living in a home with a family, and will be kept current on vaccines/worming ect.  All my puppies come with a 1 year guarantee.