How do I buy a Pomeranian Puppy from
The Bomb Poms? 

Deposits: They are NON REFUNDABLE

   If you see a puppy you would like to buy, you do not need to put up the whole amount down all at once. You can "HOLD" your puppy by paying a non-refundable Deposit of $300.00. Think of the Deposit as a Down Payment or Holding Fee. This amount is NON-refundable for ANY REASON. Be sure to put down a deposit only if you're 100% sure you want the puppy. This lets us know you are a serious buyer, and insures to us that you have thought this over and are ready to commit to your new forever companion. A deposit generally will be made on ONE specific puppy. Occasionally we take advanced deposits if you are willing to wait for our future litters. If you are willing to wait, you can have pick of the litter if you choose to put down a deposit for an expected or future litter. So, if you wanted a white girl, you could put down a deposit for a white girl from a future litter. Ask me about this if you would like more info on this. Once your deposit is made the puppy is considered yours! I will send pics, videos, and updates so you can see your puppy grow. Final payment of the puppy is to be paid in cash at pick up. 
    HOLIDAY DEPOSITS- Christmas and Valentines- If a puppy will be ready to go home around these two holidays, our deposits are 500.00. This is due to so many backing out last minute over the years. This makes it unfair to us, and to the puppy. This deposit price will help people carefully consider their choices and decide if they are indeed ready to commit to a puppy, and hopefully help avoid a cancelation right before or after the holiday. 

 How do you make a deposit?

  If you are sure, you want a specific puppy EMAIL me so we can talk. Once we talk and you are sure you are ready, I will send you an invoice so you can use PayPal to make your deposit. You can also send a check by mail (this has to be cleared with me first to be sure I have your branch of bank in my town to cash your check), Zelle, Venmo, or you can send a Postal money order by mail. After payment is received your puppy will then be held until they are ready to go home with you. The remaining balance is due in CASH at pick up unless your having your puppy shipped, if so, see below.

What if I am having the puppy shipped to me? How does that work?

   If you are having a puppy delivered via puppy nanny (as we NEVER ship cargo) all puppies must be paid for 1 week BEFORE delivery day! For this we will take Zelle as payment for any puppies that will be shipped. Zelle is a bank ap that is electronic, and it is easy to use. Zelle has a limit of 900.00 per day so it may be necessary for you to make payments using zelle days in advance, before delivery day. You may also take a money order to Wells Fargo and make a deposit. We will also take a postal money order via snail mail. A personal check may be considered only if I have your bank local to me, so I can cash the check at your bank. If considering a personal check payment must be received 4 weeks before delivery. These are the only ways I currently accept payment if your using having a puppy shipped via puppy nanny. 
   If you are planning to fly out and pick your puppy up, then you can pay zelle, or pay cash at pick up when I meet you with your sweet baby at the airport. 

What if I put down a deposit and as the puppy gets older, it is not what I wanted??

  We do not give a refund on deposits for any reason. However, if you decided to put a deposit down on a newborn or puppy up to 4 weeks old, and it grows to be a different then you wanted, or you see a puppy still available that you like more, you may apply your deposit to the other puppy you like that is still available. If there are no other puppies available at that time that you like, you may apply the deposit to next litter I have coming up. Changing your mind is only accepted until the puppy you picked turns 6 weeks of age. When the puppy you picked turns 6 weeks of age your deposit will be NON-TRANSFERABLE and no refund or transfer will be given even if you change your mind. I will NOT make any exceptions to this rule. Sorry. Transfer of deposit is a courtesy. If you choose to transfer to a future litter, you have 1 year to choose another puppy from puppies we have available. 

A 300 deposit is put down on puppy #1 because you want an orange sable.
at  4 weeks of age the puppy is changing to look more like a cream sable.
Puppy #2 is an orange Sable and still available.
You decide at that time to transfer your deposit to puppy #2.

A 300 deposit is made on puppy #1. At 5 weeks of age, he is not what you hopeful for. There are no other puppies in the litter you like. You choose to transfer your deposit to a future litter. 

A 300 deposit is made on puppy #1.
At 7 weeks you decide the puppy is not what you expected.
Because the puppy is over the age of 6 weeks no refund or transfer will be given.

Why do you only give transfer of the deposit for the puppy til the 6 week mark?

 Pomeranian puppies have a stage they go through called the puppy uglies. See my fur changes page for more info on this age stage for poms. For some puppies this process can start as early as 8 weeks. I like to have all puppies sold by the time they reach 8 weeks. I need time to place a puppy if someone decided they no longer want it. Making the cut off age at 6 weeks gives me two weeks to advertise and find the puppy a new forever home. 

What if I decide I just don't want a puppy? Why don't I get a refund?

  ALL deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. This lets me know you are a serious buyer, and I will then hold the puppy just for you. I tell other potential new homes this puppy is yours and some good homes will lose out on this puppy as it's is held just for you. If you change your mind, I will have to find a new home for this puppy. This may include paying for advertising, another vet visit/shots/worming/preventative meds ect, and my time reaching out to new potential owners. This is not fair to me, or to the puppy. I only want to hold a puppy for someone who is serious, and someone who will not be fickle and cancel last minute.  When you put down a deposit a puppy is held for you. I want everyone who claims a puppy to be SERIOUS about buying the puppy and committing to the puppy. For all those reasons ALL DEPOSITS are NON REFUNDABLE for any reason. 

What if something happens to the puppy before its time for it to go home?

 This is very rare, but we are working with living, breathing, delicate babies. Sometimes, things can go wrong. If something should happen to the puppy you chose, you will be able to apply that deposit to a different puppy for up to 1 year from the date you made your deposit. You can choose  from what I have available :D If that should happen, I will compensate you with a 300.00 discount on the next puppy.


   The only time I would cancel a sale of a puppy is if find out a puppy buyer is Lying to me. They may be lying to me about who they are, that they are a breeder pretending to be a PET HOME,  or they have been abusive to another puppy, are a scammer, puppy flipper, ect. This is the only time the SALE would be Canceled...but the deposit will NOT BE REFUNDED!