Payment Plans, Deposits, and how do I BUY one of your puppies?


  If you see a puppy you would like to buy, you do not need to put up the whole amount down all at once. You can "HOLD" your puppy buy paying a non refundable Deposit of $200.00. Think of the Deposit as a Down Payment. This amount is NON refundable for ANY REASON. So only put down a deposit if you're sure you want the puppy. This lets us know you ARE a serious buyer and insures to us that you have thought this over and are ready to commit to your new forever companion. A deposit can only be made on ONE specific puppy. A deposit can not be put down for First pick of litter ect.

How do you make a deposit?
  You can use PayPal to make your deposit. You can also use a credit card via pay pal but you have to pay the aditional 10% charges paypal charges to use credit cards. Or you can send a check by mail (this has to be cleared with me first to be sure I have your branch of bank in my town to cash your check), or you can send a Postal money order by mail. After payment is received your puppy will then say "PENDING to YOUR NAME" next to it on my site so everyone knows it is now your puppy and its no longer for sale. :D

Payment Plans or Pay off at Pick up?
   After you make your Deposit you have two options for paying for the remaining balance due. Many choose to use payment plans. This is very easy to do as you set up the amounts you wish to pay and the time dates you plan to send in that amount. They puppy needs to be paid off by the time it is 8 weeks old. So depending on when you put down your deposit, will determine how many weeks and paychecks, you will have to pay off your puppy. For example, if you make a deposit when the puppy is born, then you would have 8 weeks (4 paychecks) to make payments toward the balance due. The payment plan option is only good for a puppy 4 weeks of age or under, after that you would need to go with the next option, see below. If the puppy is not paid off by the time he or she is 8 weeks old, the puppy will be posted back for sale, and all but your 200 non refundable deposit will be returned to you.

Pay off the puppy on pick up day.
  This works well for those who pick a puppy that is 4 weeks of age or older. After the deposit is made, the puppy is held for you. Then you simply bring the balance owed with you in CASH, as we only take CASH at pick up. The puppy needs to be paid off by the age of  8 weeks old. If the puppy has to stay additional time because it is very small, it still needs to be paid off at the age of  8 weeks.

What if I am having the puppy shipped to me? How does that work?
  All of the above is the same for a puppy that will be shipped. However, payments can be made through pay pal, or postal money orders can be sent via snail mail as well. Personal checks can be taken for the deposit only. (if your bank has a branch in my area, see above).  We can also discuss BANK to BANK transfers if you prefer. Just talk to me and we can work out a method that you feel most comfortable with.
  The dog to be shipped will have to be paid in full before it will be shipped. Shipping charges will also have to be paid for/included. Shipping charges are an additional 300.00. This covers air faire for the puppy (usually 200-225, Vet health certificate 55-65, and gas for us to drive to the airport 65.00 and for the crate 35.00. The 300 doesn't fully cover my cost. But I don't wish to charge any more then that to ship. The airlines keep upping their cost of airfare but I want my shipping charge to stay the same for all.

What if I put down a deposit and as the puppy gets older, it is not what I wanted??

  We do not give a refund on deposits for any reason. However, if you decided to put a deposit down on a newborn or puppy up to  4 week old, and it grows to be a different color then you wanted, or you see a puppy still available that you like more,  you may apply your deposit to the other puppy you like that is still available. If there are no other puppies available at that time that you like,  you may apply the deposit to next litter I have coming up. This is only good  until the puppy you picked turns 6 weeks of age. When the puppy you picked turns 6 weeks of age your deposit will be NON TRANSFERABLE and no refund or transfer will be given. I can NOT , and will NOT make any exceptions to this rule. Sorry. The TRANSFER option is only good ONE TIME ONLY. So if you decide to change your mind be 100 percent sure the other puppy is what you want. The TRANSFER is only available ONE TIME, after that there is NO REFUND and NO TRANSFER option available. Again, No exceptions to this rule. Transfer of deposit is a one time courtesy only and there is a 1 year time limit to chose your a different puppy. If you do not find a puppy in the 1 year time, the offer is then void and no refund will be given.

A 200 deposit is put down on puppy #1 because you want an orange sable.
at  4 weeks of age the puppy is changing to look more like a cream sable.
Puppy #2 is an orange Sable and still available.
You decide at that time to transfer your deposit to puppy #2.

A 200 deposit is made on puppy #1.
At 7 weeks you decide the puppy is not what you expected.
Because the puppy is over the age of  6 weeks no refund or transfer will be given.

Why do you only give transfer of the deposit for the puppy til the 6 week mark?
Pomeranian puppies have a stage they go through called the puppy uglies. See my FUR FACTS page for more info on this age stage for poms. For some puppies this process can start as early as 8 weeks. I like to have all puppies sold by the time they reach 8 weeks. I need time to resell a puppy if someone decided they no longer want it. Making the cut off age at 6 weeks gives me two weeks to advertise and resell the puppy that was previously spoken for.

What if I decide I just don't want a puppy? Why don't I get a refund?
  ALL deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. Most breeders do not even do a transfer of deposits. When you put down a deposit a puppy is held for you. If you change your mind I have to relist the puppy and it may be older and harder to place. I want everyone who claims a puppy to be SERIOUS about buying the puppy and committing to the puppy. For all those reasons ALL DEPOSITS are NON REFUNDABLE for any reason.

What if something happens to the puppy before its time for it to go home?
If something should happen to the puppy you chose, you will be able to apply that deposit to a different puppy for up to 1 year from the date you made your deposit. You can choose  from what I have available within that year keeping your gender, color, and size desires in mind. :D