Here are a few things my past customers have  to say about the dog they got from us.  These are just a couple or current examples. I hope you enjoy them! Please allow time for pics to load. 
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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 

Hi Doniqua,
It is Christine Ortiz here.  We bought Peanut from you and just wanted to send you a few pictures of him.  He is a great addition to our family and is a good dog.   He is getting along really well with our other dogs and is super smart.  Hannah has taught him quite a few things already, sit, stay, lay down, twirl, etc. :)    We have absolutely gotten so attached to him.   He is healthy and happy. He hasnt started the puppy uglies yet, but we noticed he is shedding more :)   We shall see.   He got groomed recently for the first time and did great.   He is all up to date on his shots, now we are just working on when we will get him neutered.   I will let you know when that is done.
I hope you all are doing fine and we are enjoying seeing your new puppies on your website.  Wish we could buy more!!!  :)
Take care and enjoy the picture of Copy/Peanut :)  
Christine Ortiz

Date: Fri, 14, Jan 2011 

Hello Daniqua,
I just wanted you to see how Dickens (Formerly "Strider") is doing.
We've moved to Barcelona, Spain. I couldn't imagine moving across the Atlantic with any other dog. He is a dream traveler. When ever I pack my bags, he jumps into his carrier because he knows he's going to see new people and get to smell new smells.
He has a little "doggie passport" which means he can travel all over the EU. It looks just like a regular passport, but it is a record of his shots and microchip number. Don't worry, he didn't go into quarantine or the cargo. Except for England, if one has all the shots/medical information/microchip/paper work in order, it's very simple. When I have work in London, I will have to leave him with friends, but that will only be for 2-3 days.
This is my friend's place in Montcada in the just outside of Barcelona. I thought you might get a kick out of seeing him going "crazy dog," chasing the leaves. Dickens loves the Spanish countryside as well as the friendly people in the city of Barcelona.

When I walk him, he prances right next to me and people shout "�Que guapo!" ("How Cute!") when they pass. He's such a ham. Laws about dogs are lax here so I take him in with me to restaurants. He sticks his head out and entertains the wait staff. These are pics from my phone, but you can see how well he travels.
Again, thank you for matching me with the perfect companion. As his original mommy, you will be glad to know that he is always happy as long as he is with me and always up for adventures.

Much love,

Ann Marie

Dickens has his own BLOG! There are TONS of the CUTEST pictures there! And some from all his travels! I love this BLOG! Check it out CLICK HERE!