Puppy Mill
Puppy Mill?? Back Yard Breeder?? Reputable Breeder??

How to tell WHO is WHO.
A few tips on how to tell the difference.
Back Yard Breeder
Reputable Breeder
Lets see how much you know. Could you be the next victim? Answer a few of these questions and see.
True or False  1.Those who show dogs are defiantly a reputable breeder.
True or False  2.Teacup Pomeranians are just like any other dog.
True or False  3.Giving Vaccinations to puppies under the age of 8 weeks is harmful to the puppies.
True or False  4.Puppies do not need vaccinations before they are 8 weeks old because they are still getting immunities from their mother and are not at risk yet.
True or False  5.If the puppy looks healthy when you buy it, then it is not at risk for Parvo or other illnesses.
True or False  6.Dogs in petstores are healthy and people should go there rather then find a reputable breeder.
True or False  7.Breeders who have a license and that are USDA approved are the best breeders to buy from.
True or False  8.A reputable breeder has never had anything go wrong with any of their puppies they have sold.

So how did you do? Want to know the answers? Read the boxes below to find your answers. :D

  • They raise more then 3 breeds of dogs
  • They have more then 10 puppies for sale at one time.
  • They do not vaccinate puppies or worm them, but they claim to.
  • They never take adults or puppies to get vet care that is needed.
  • They try to sell sick puppies FAST so they can be very pushy!
  • They only show puppies for sale on their site. No adults. No info on parents either.
  • They make excuses why they can't send you pictures of adults.
  • They put emphasis on the fact ALL their puppies are TEACUPS and they guarantee it!
  • They do not ask you anything about the home you will provide, or why you want a puppy. They just want your $$.
  • They will not let you come to their home.
  • They prefer to ship, or meet you somewhere to purchase the dog.
  • Believe it or not, many puppy mills that are shut down, and featured on shows like animal planet, are those that are USDA approved and licensed.
  • Some who show dogs also run puppy mills. They raise so many dogs and only the show dogs get proper attention. Some only breed for that special "LOOK" of the dog not for the 'HEALTH' of the dog. Being a show home doesn't make you a puppy mill, or make you reputable either.
  • Most puppies in pet stores are from puppy mills. They ship in sick, unvaccinated puppies to the pet stores. However petstores sell them as healthy and vaccinated.
  • Many puppies are sold infected with Parvo but this illness can take up to 10 days to show signs. By that time, your attached and most of the pet shop return policies and vet care warranties are up in 10 days time.
  • Most puppy mill puppies are ill, and will not see their first birthday.

  • They breed any two dogs together.
  • They don't care if the dogs they breed are pure breed, brother/ sister, mother/Father.
  • They just take one male and one female and breed them for profit.
  • Adults and puppies get NO CARE, or attention.
  • Most are sold at 4 to 6 weeks. Way to young to sell a puppy. In many states its illegal.
  • They do not vaccinate their adults or puppies.
  • Excuses on why they do not vaccinate :
  • "Vaccinating under 8 weeks is dangerous" or
  • "Puppies get immunities from mother until they are 8 weeks so they don't need vaccines"  or they just lie and say they did give them but they have no proof.
  • They do not seek vet care for adults or puppies.
  • Puppies are sold "as is" no warranty or guarantee.
  • They can't tell you about the breed they are raising.
  • Most puppies who are not vaccinated properly and at a young enough age often have parvo before they ever leave the breeders home.
  • Incubation for parvo is up to 10 days. So the sick puppy may not show signs of illness when they are sold. And you just bought a SICK puppy that will need hundreds of $$ in vet care and may die.

  • They put their dogs first. Their dogs are kept in clean comfortable places. They are also treated like family.
  • They show pictures of their adult dogs on their website.  All dogs appear clean and healthy. They appear happy and not skidish. Ears should be up, tails up, and they should actually look like they are smiling!
  • They seem to have only one or two breeds of dogs that they raise.
  • They have less then 15 puppies for sale at most given times.
  • They are selective on what dogs they breed. They do NOT use unhealthy adults to breed. They hav a reason they selected the mother and father. They plan each litter sometimes a year or more in advance.
  • Adults who produce genetic problems in their offspring will be spayed/neutered and placed into new PET HOMES, and not kept to breed or sold to breed. This is a huge loss sometimes but reputable breeders want healthy dogs, and will act responsibly even if it costs them $$.
  • They are happy to answer ALL your questions, even if your NOT buying a dog from them. They are NOT pushy.
  • Their website gives LOTS of information about themselves and how they raise their dogs. They site is not just about the Selling of their puppies.
  • They offer a warranty, and have had their puppies VET checked BEFORE going to you.
  • They are easy to talk to and NOT pushy about sales. In fact some are downright picky about where their pups are going and might ask YOU a lot of questions.  That's a good thing!
  • They put emphasis on the truth and never make false promises even if they may lose a sale.
  • They invite you to their home to see the adults and living conditions of all the dogs. (although, there is an increase in many HONEST breeders NOT doing this out of fear of criminals)
  • They have references from past customers.
  • They are happy to send you many pictures of the puppy you pick.
  • All puppies are sold up to date on shots and worming and flea preventative (if needed). A shot record is provided with a sticker from the vaccine vile as proof, and follow up care is discussed to keep the puppy healthy.
  • A good breeder is someone you will feel comfortable talking to.
Back Yard Breeders are everywhere. The risk from buying from a Back Yard breeders is a HUGE risk. They are a lot like puppy mills because they do not take care of the adults or the puppies. They only breed for a QUICK buck .
It is hard to find a Reputable breeder these day. The word BREEDER has almost become a derogitory word. People here that and automatically think "puppy mill". There are many GOOD, HONEST, REPUTABLE breeders out there. Its just so hard to know what is GOOD and BAD these days as ALL claim to be the BEST! :D
Here's a few notes to help you spot a potential puppy mill. in person a puppy mill is pretty easy to spot. But with the growing 'ONLINE' ordering of dogs, puuppy mills now have a way to sell directly to you! Via the net. So many of these tips are based on the website you will visit.
    I see many of dog websites now that seem to be puppy mills. Its scary. Puppy Mills can hide behind the computer screen. Back Yard Breeders are nearly as bad, but they are simply on a smaller scale. So how do you find the Reputable breeder? It can be a tricky ordeal. But I think if you ask questions, do not buy on impulse,  and take your time.
Use your head, and try to be rational and objective.

What is a puppy mill?

Very simply it is a place that markets dogs as items.  Little to no care goes into the dogs. They are mass produced and even sick deformed adults are used to breed. No vaccines are given, so most puppies produced there will be sick and or die very young. Puppy mills only care about the sale of the dog, not the dog itself or you the new owner.
These links will show you some pictures. But use caution, they are graphic and heartbreaking. Only click on the link if you can handle seeing animals in pain or ones that have passed away.  Selling to someone who runs a facility like this is my worst nightmare, this is why I am so picky about where my puppies go. These people are why I no longer wish to sell my dogs with Full AKC or AKC papers. I only want my fur kids in the best loving pet homes!
Many of the sites you find now online are puppy mills. Most PET STORES buy from PUPPY MILLS. Be sure to SEE where they come from, ask many of questions, and protect yourself! Below is a video from the humane society. It shows a behind the scenes view of a well known HOLLYWOOD pet shop. It shows how many pet stores operate and shows some footage of puppy mills.

Inside a puppy Mill a very in depth site
Stories of puppy mill survivors
Puppymills and petstores

How do you find a good REPUTABLE BREEDER??

Here are some other links I have found with some GREAT recourses for you. I want you to educate yourself, so you can make a well informed choice when you buy a puppy, even if you do not buy from me, I don't want to give people who run puppy mills encouragement to continue to hurt animals and humans. If I can keep just one person from buying from a puppy mill, this page has been effective and both you and I will be happier for it.

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